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Quoting Mr. Harendra Singh "Vision Is An Art"
The founder of The Emulsion says that the way you perceive things is an Art.

He is a luxury wedding photographer in India whose eyes work like a Shutter, which leaves nothing uncaptured. His mind process everything and an amazing outcome is delivered. 
His vision to build this company is to give the world the unique, original moments of one's life.

A small-town kid who was excited to explore the world of on-screen. Started his journey by studying journalism. But his curious nature didn't let him stop there rather he wanted to explore the world behind the camera too. 
He with his studies started working at the age of 17. Now completing almost 8 years he has gained the skills of a master.
He gave a boost to many companies and left them to their fate.

Now this baby is close to his heart. As he faced lots of challenges and by overcoming all started this company from scratch. This gave him a new perspective towards life and thus making him more passionate to work and create magic.

Promising to his clients that their vision will be delivered in original art.

In a world full of fakeness, let's join hands to create something original.

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